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New Digital Sales Outlet Launched for The IMC Group’s Hanwell, IceSpy and ShockWatch and IMC Brands

UK-based Environmental monitoring experts The IMC Group have given an extra boost to their well-known international customer service by adding a digital ‘just-in-time’ ordering facility. Customers are now able to browse, select, order and pay for a vast range of environmental monitoring products 24/7 with ultra-fast delivery when requested. Anything from a box of Impact Indicators to temperature and humidity Data Loggers are now only the click of a mouse away!

IMC has a worldwide reputation for providing the heritage, healthcare, industrial and food sectors with intelligent monitoring and control solutions via tailored technology brands Hanwell, IceSpy, ShockWatch and IMC that deliver vital data, ranging from environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity through to the condition of goods and infrastructure during operation, storage and transportation.

Group turnover has seen significant growth in recent years for this British success story that’s unique in designing, manufacturing and installing its own technology. IMC now has operations in such countries as USA, Germany, Italy, South Africa, China, India and Australia, a diverse international client base which includes HM The Queen, Premier League football clubs, Musée du Louvre, The Vatican, GlaxoSmithKline, Tesco, ASDA, Unilever, Boots, IKEA, NHS, National Trust, United Biscuits, the Royal Opera House, Siemens Medical, Alstom Grid and hospitals and clinics from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi!

“The new digital ordering portal has opened up new opportunities for customers to explore our products,” said Managing Director Ian Robinson, “and given an extra boost to our sales. Our products and solutions surpass the strict regulations enforced upon many industries and are supported by our global dealer network.”

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