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Kaplan Joins ‘Leading Edge Only’ to Promote Innovation in Business


Global leadership and professional development organisation Kaplan are continuing to encourage and grow their innovation community by partnering with Leading Edge Only (LEO).

Kaplan’s leadership and professional development programmes enhance the technical competence and behavioural confidence of an organisations biggest asset, their people. Kaplan offer a learning partnership that supports a business at the key points in its employee’s lifecycle, whether they are new hires, first time managers, emerging leaders or senior executives. They design customised training solutions combining the perfect balance of behavioural and technical programmes, workshops, short courses and masterclasses.

Kaplan is an established global organisation with a wide expertise in designing and delivering first-rate interventions. Their team of technical and behavioural specialists work to conceive and realise the key developmental experiences that will inspire staff and resonate throughout all levels of an organisation.

LEO  bridges the gap between innovators and corporates with the Global Innovation Marketplace via their dynamic online platform that enables innovators to effectively showcase the latest technologies and products to a diverse array of corporations and other organisations seeking solutions.

Andrew Perkins Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Kaplan said Kaplan is a huge supporter of innovation. In order for a business to succeed it must evolve; and to evolve we must ensure that businesses have the right tools to aid decision-making – this is something that lies at the very heart of the Kaplan brand. One of the ways we support this is to give people an understanding of the psychology of change, which helps harness and develop the commercial energy that encourages businesses to grow in an ever-changing and fiercely competitive environment.”

Andrew Perkins continues, Decision-making determines an organisation’s success or failure. That’s why our emphasis is on developing effective decision-making at all levels: from the choices that inform business strategy to the everyday tactical decisions made on the ‘front line. Real world decisions are made in the context of a situation. Our development programmes always connect the individual to the context in which they need to perform, making for a relevant learning experience”


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