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Peugeot’s new 3008 SUV is Car of the Year

April 11, 2017

I shall start with a warning. I hear that a gang of thieves are in the area, stealing clothes in size order. Police say they’re still at large. I told this to my mother, but she was only interested in complaining about prices. “£4.50 for a coffee and a biscuit,” she moaned, “it’s daylight robbery.” Well, if she feels that strongly, next time she visits me she can bring a flask.


I never really warmed to the last incarnation of Peugeot’s 3008 SUV. Clearly I was in the minority since they sold very well. But the new 3008 is a real star – indeed the dealers took 110,000 orders when it launched! Small wonder – the all-new 3008 SUV has been crowned 2017 Car of the Year by a judging panel comprising 58 European journalists who acclaimed its style, interior design and performance. This prestigious trophy joins the twenty other awards the all-new Peugeot 3008 SUV has won.

Powered by the internationally acclaimed 1.2 PureTech engine, the car should manage 50mph if driven gently and the optional £260 ‘Grip Control’ makes it extra-safe, mirroring the advantages of four wheel drive without the cost or weight penalty, judging the correct amount of power in situations such as icy corners, or muddy hills where ‘hill assist descent’ takes over.


It’s a lot prettier than the last model, too!