Few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR & Marketing campaigns as one complete package.



It’s always worth having some money when you plan to hire us; we tend to work better that way! But it needn’t be a huge investment. Almost certainly much less than you would need to spend on an ad campaign, for example.


And since you pay us for our time and expertise, a small project may start at only a thousand pounds, say, while a major campaign might need a budget of £10,000 a month.


One thing is important – divide your budget monthly for the duration of your marketing campaign and agree a figure you are comfortable with. Spending your entire PR budget in a few weeks doesn’t work – there needs to be continuity and follow-through.


Oh yes – we also believe that it’s important for clients to know where they stand, so we agree costs in advance – no nasty surprises with extras at Friday’s!




We’re proud of the results we achieve for our clients, so we love results evaluation! Measurement is fundamental to our work. We track coverage monthly and annually, with a robust independent evaluation.