Few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR & Marketing campaigns as one complete package.



What do we do? We offer a comprehensive range of PR services – from campaign planning, media relations and event support to crisis communications, social media and video production. In doing so, we exploit the full potential of all three media channels – traditional, digital and social. This applies to every sector in which we’re experienced – technology, consumer, health and beauty, financial, engineering, marketing, conferences and events, recruitment, HR, education, training, public sector, charity, motoring, telecoms and music.


But every client is unique to us, so we work with you to package together the services best suited to achieving your objectives. Put simply, each client gets a bespoke PR solution that, depending on the need, could comprise any of the following areas of expertise at Friday’s Media Group.


News announcements

Sustained awareness of your organisation and its activities will be reliant on regular news announcements and statements about new products and services, growth, business wins, key appointments and innovations.


Media relations

The building and maintaining of productive relationships with relevant journalists is one of Friday’s key strengths. This not only helps us to place editorial but enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to media enquiries.


Event support

Good before-and-after publicity will help squeeze the maximum promotional benefit from events.


Idea generation

As well as ensuring existing efforts are fully publicised, Friday’s is well known for generating new ideas. We will work with you proactively on ways to generate additional coverage through new campaigns and initiatives.


Thought leadership

A powerful way to encourage client recognition is to highlight the expertise of senior staff. Your views will be leveraged to increase the profile of your company.


Case studies

We can liaise directly with your clients or customers to develop powerful stories out of their experiences of your organisation. These ‘real-life’ case studies can be crucial in getting traction in the media.


Surveys and statistics

Friday’s can conduct research on your behalf. From immediate national consumer surveys that deliver thousands of responses in a matter of hours, to smaller focus groups working through industry-specific issues, we will help you devise and activate your survey quickly and effectively, so the results can be leveraged not only for internal purposes but to help achieve media coverage too.


Media monitoring

Our media monitoring service ensures you find out exactly where and when your company is being talked about.



Friday’s continually researches relevant publications to identify opportunities to contribute to forthcoming features, articles or regular columns. We can also look at relevant awards you might enter, industry events, speaking opportunities and any useful associations.


Copy writing

Need fresh and engaging copy for your website, newsletter or internal comms? Our writers will deliver the content you need to make an impact.



Capturing an important event in the form of an image can be a powerful communications tool. Friday’s can arrange photography to support your publicity drive.


Celebrity gifting and endorsement

Putting your product or service in the hands of a celebrity can be a big step towards widespread recognition. Friday’s has the contacts to make it happen.


ROI and Measurement

A PR campaign is pointless if its effectiveness can’t be measured. That’s why we love metrics. Friday’s Media Group can deploy a number of tools to show you exactly what you’re getting in return for your PR investment. From industry-standard ROI calculations to sophisticated, independent analysis of media share against key competitors, we ensure our clients possess the facts and figures that matter.