Few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR & Marketing campaigns as one complete package.



Intelligent Business-to-Business PR will give your marketing and new business real power. This is why we offer a range of ‘PR PoweR’ products to meet your needs.


Digital PoweR

As PR has expanded, Friday’s has become one the UK’s most experienced digital PR agencies. By applying thoughtful and intelligent strategic campaigns we’ve taken PR well beyond the level provided by ‘traditional’ agencies, enabling our clients to engage faster and interact with far bigger audiences.


Very few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR campaigns as one complete package. Online PR is now vital in modern business. It’s the motorway while traditional PR is the A and B roads. So any credible national communication strategy must use both! The effective use of social media and maximising online PR opportunities requires specialist skills. Friday’s ‘Total PR’ encompasses both online and offline opportunities.


HR PoweR

Specialist industry press PR for the human resources industry.


NewBiz PoweR

Harness the power of PR to win new business, retain existing customers and bring back lapsed buyers.


Exhibition PoweR

Exhibiting is an expensive business. Specialist PR will be make the most of your investment.


Venue PoweR

Hotels, conference centres, museums, attractions… all these and more compete for business tourists. Venue PoweR will get you noticed in the crowd!


Speaker PoweR

Conference and exhibition speaking opportunities will drive business. Speaker PoweR shows you how!


Sector PoweR

Need to place a finance story in the automotive media? Or an automotive story in the finance media? Or even a data management story in the charity media? Sector PoweR will do it for you!


Value PoweR

Detailed hard-cash analysis of your PR investment’s results.


Word of Mouth PoweR

The most effective form of business development has always been word of mouth; and PR simply amplifies that voice and expands those mouths!


Contact us to discuss how our clients use PR PoweR products and how they can be used to meet your own marketing and new business needs.