Few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR & Marketing campaigns as one complete package.



Most people agree it’s important to know what’s being said about your brand or your products online. Especially via social media.


And when your name cropped up ten times in a search it was easy to read everything.


But when your name crops up 1,000 or 10,000 – or even 100,000 times – then one needs sentiment analysis tools to data mine all that published content.


Sentiment analysis is a trend that’s been accelerating on the back of social media, and Twitter in particular.


Sentiment analysis is no short-term hot topic you can ignore. One day your customers may even be able to check your ‘sentiment rating’ when they search!


Right now, automated sentiment analysis isn’t foolproof – yet – but it can provide directional insight and flag up the need for further investigation.


If you want to stick a toe into the water of sentiment analysis then speak with Fridays PR.