Few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR & Marketing campaigns as one complete package.



With rolling news channels, web journalism and social sites delivering never-ending streams of new information to the world every minute, the media has never been more demanding.  The obvious challenge for organisations is how best to handle the media’s appetite for fresh content. Fielding and responding to requests for news, statements, comments, images and interviews can be a big drain on internal resources.


Whether you are launching a new product or service, changing your organisation or becoming a voice of authority on particular issues, close liaison with the media is vital to ensure your message comes across clearly and consistently in a way that benefits your business. Coordinating those many media interactions requires professionalism and experience. If you get it wrong, there could be permanent damage to your brand.


Friday’s Media Group offers a ‘Virtual Press Office’ service to manage media relations on your behalf, handling the full spectrum of contact on a day-to-day basis so that you can do what you do best without any distractions.


Our specialist team is highly effective when it comes to dealing with media enquiries, responding quickly and efficiently to ensure the best possible outcome. That’s because we see media relations not as a challenge but an opportunity – an opportunity to ensure your business is the centre of attention for all the right reasons.


To make the introduction of a ‘Virtual Press Office’ completely seamless, we can incorporate dedicated phone lines, linked to your switchboard if you like, as well as coordinated email addresses and even specially-created web pages, which can be populated with bespoke background information, company history, contact details and images.


Our innate understanding of how the media works, strategic approach and ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances, makes Friday’s Media Group a trusted partner for the set-up and running of a Virtual Press Office.