Few agencies have the ability to deliver creative offline and online PR & Marketing campaigns as one complete package.



Friday’s was one of the first PR agencies to not simply recognise the potential of digital PR but to actively exploit it. Clients who started out as dismissive eventually became converts.


Then along came the power of PR via social media, and Friday’s was one of the first to explain how social media represented another messaging channel plus real engagement and interaction. Once again, clients were cautious, yet now the value of social media PR is ‘a given’!


And now, along comes PR via WOM – Word of Mouth.


Of course, the most effective form of business development has always been word of mouth; and PR simply amplifies that voice and expands those mouths!


And when that word of mouth gets near social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and so on – then loads more mouths get chattering.


Probably about you… And if you’re not involved in the conversation then you’re left out. You can’t engage. You can’t build.


And you can’t put right a wrong. Which is worse than being left out. It’s destructive.


Right now, three-quarters of web-users read blogs and online articles and 25 percent of searches link to social media.


Eight out of 10 consumers trust a social media group. But only 14 percent trust an ad.


So actually, WOM PR isn’t some weird thing. It’s simply the social media PR you’re probably already doing – aren’t you? – working a lot harder.


Sure it’s focus groups on a massive scale but it’s loads more than just that.


It’s special offer trials, it’s tailored group events, it’s the chance to design bespoke versions and get involved in new developments and ideas. And it’s much more.


In fact it’s a national or even a worldwide conversation. About you.


Or it can be if you call us… Call us on 0845 500 1140.